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Pricing Tips for Consumers

Determining the price for your work is up to you.  However, a reasonable or premium price determines if or how soon you will receive a response to your work posting.  You may receive little or no contact from service providers if your price is too low for the services needed. 

Use the scale below by first determining your sense of urgency. For example, it may not be as urgent to have your air conditioner serviced in the winter versus having it serviced in the summer.  The scale shows how your sense of urgency can be converted into a price and the type of performance to be expected based on that price. It would be beneficial to know the current market rate(s) or ball park figure for what the job should cost.  The prices shown are for informational purposes only.

Pricing Scale

You also have the option of contacting service providers directly to receive quotes if you prefer. When determining your price, keep in mind that service providers have invested money and time in their equipment and education.  They depend on their skills to make a living. The service they provide must be profitable so they can continue to provide their service.

 If you have become familiar with the market rates by receiving a few quotes for the job already, you should have an idea of the average price and what you would like to pay for service. If you are clueless about what you would like to pay, you can research the current market rates. Another option for determining a price would be to ask yourself, "How much would I want to get paid if I did the job for someone else?" or “How much is getting the job done worth to me?”.  Then post it for that price.  Just remember that money talks.