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About Us

We aim to help individuals save money while connecting skilled professionals and businesses with work opportunities.


For Consumers provides a platform for consumers to propose the price they would like to pay for services needed, hence the name WorkMyPrice.  Consumers are often reluctant to employ a business's services simply because they feel the rates are unreasonable.  Rates may differ from one business to the next because of the difference in overhead costs. Therefore, a skilled worker or smaller business with a low overhead can complete a job for a lesser rate than a larger business with a higher overhead without sacrificing quality or profit.

For Service providers

Skilled professionals and small business owners can use to earn extra business, whereas future entrepreneurs can use it to jump-start their businesses. Individuals or skilled workers with credible experience in one or more of our service categories can use as an opportunity to earn some extra income on the side as a service provider. Service providers can search work posts and contact consumers to book the job if the price is right; hence the name WorkMyPrice. They may also get consumers to discuss the work in further detail. 

Service providers who sign up can do the following:

  • Search for work posted within your service category. 
  • Create a work alert to receive notifications when consumers post new work. 
  • Create a searchable profile so consumers can see what you are about. Profiles also need to be created before contacting consumers.
  • Gain access to leads by creating a profile.
  • Build your reputation by providing quality service and encouraging customers to leave positive feedback.