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Pricing & Registration
How much does it cost to sign up?
Consumer Questions
Can I have work completed at any price?
Why haven’t I been contacted by service providers to complete the work I posted?
How do I search for service providers?
Can I cancel a job if I change my mind about having work completed?
What can I do if I have a complaint about a service provider?
How do I report an offensive or suspicious service provider profile?
Creating & Managing Listings
Do I Have to Register to Create Listings?
I created a listing, but it does not show up in search results. Why?
Pricing & Payment
How much do listings cost?
What is your privacy policy?
I don't want my name, phone number or email address to appear on your site. What should I do?
If all my information is private how can a user contact me?
Service Provider Questions
Can I join as a service provider if I don't own a business?
Do I have to pay to search and view jobs?
Who should join as a service provider?
How do I search for work?
Why I can’t view contact information for customers?
Why should I create a service provider profile?
How do I create a profile?
Why can’t I see my service provider profile?
What should I do if I have not received my confirmation email?
How do I change or edit my profile?
Why can’t I delete my profile?
Why aren’t there more search results for work?
How do I report a suspicious work posting?